During my second life I made a lot of videos, mainly about dance events. My aim is to make a database of dances so everyone can find them easely and enjoy them. 

The buttons below guide you through my lists of dances. Click on the desired dance in the list to watch the dance from my video channel. As the website is regulary updated with new dances you should refresh the pages in your browser when visiting next time.

If you like the dances I ask you to visit the websites of the specific dance group and even better to join a live performance with your avatar in second life, which will be appreciated much by the people who did a lot of effort to give you an experience you will enjoy for sure.

For information about scheduled events see the

Select the Dance troup below to show the list of their dances I recorded and refresh the page in your browser to catch up with possible changes.

A number behind the name of the group, if present, tells you how many video's are in the list.